Which Singers Got the Most Fans in 2017?

With its catchy tunes and hip-hop-influenced music, pop star Nicki Minaj has built a devoted following among millennials.

But what about the rest of the music industry?

Read moreRead the articleNicki Minahans most successful years include 2012, when she sold more than 6 million albums, making her one of the most popular artists of her generation.

She was also an instant fan favorite and one of music’s biggest stars.

But as her music continues to grow, she is struggling to maintain her relevance in a fast-changing industry.

Minaj has struggled with a career in music since 2013 when she was dropped by her label, Roc Nation, amid the recording industry’s rise to popularity.

Minaj was never able to find a steady career, with her debut album and subsequent career in the video game industry never translating to the mainstream.

The singer is now the subject of a new book, “My Favorite Song,” which details her life and career.

The book, written by Minaj’s longtime friend and collaborator Amy Seimetz, was published in April and features interviews with Minaj, friends and family, and Minaj herself.

In the book, Minaj reveals that her music career was born out of a genuine desire to inspire, not profit.

The song “I’m Yours” became Minajs first hit in 2014, and the song has since become one of her biggest hits, selling more than 9 million copies in its first year.

But Minaj says she still struggled to make a living out of her music and the industry, and even when she did, she was not able to reach the same level of success as her contemporaries.

Minaja says her music is not for everyone, but she hopes her book will encourage young artists to pursue a career outside of music.

She says the book is an honest look into her life that she hopes will inspire young people to take risks.

“I just wanted to share what I’ve been through in order to help others,” she said.

“I really wanted to help those people that have struggled and be a role model to people that are struggling.”

She added that her book is a call to arms for young artists.

“If you want to do something that you really love and you want people to follow, and that’s something that I believe in, then you’re not alone,” Minaj said.

Read moreNicki and Amy Minaj discuss their friendship in the book.

Nicki: “It’s been great being a fan.

I love being able to read that book and I really like reading it now.

Amy: “I feel like I’m a fan of the world.

And I love reading about the world and the people.

And then I like being able and being able … to make money.

“Nicki, who was born in Washington, D.C., to a Filipino-American family, is also the author of several books, including “My Baby’s the Best” and “The Baby You Love,” which she published in 2014.

She also wrote the hit song “You’ll Never Leave Me” and the album “Lemonade,” both of which were sold more recently.

She also wrote “Proud Mary,” a song about a woman who lost her daughter to breast cancer.

In 2017, Minaja sold more albums than her two previous solo records combined, but it wasn’t enough to sustain her career, which has since slowed.

In a new interview with The Wall St. Journal, Minahas music career has taken a turn for the worse.

In March, Minama filed a lawsuit against a record label, RCA, alleging that RCA had failed to pay her royalties, and also claimed that the label had failed her when she asked for help with her album.

Minama said the label also failed to secure the rights to her songs, and her album has since been pulled from the Spotify and Apple Music services.

Minama also said she received death threats, and in November 2017, she sued RCA in a federal court in New York City.

She claims that R&B labels are not obligated to pay royalties to artists, and she says RCA did not pay royalties in the first place.

She is also suing RCA for $3 billion.

In December 2017, R&amps lawsuit against Minaj to stop her album from being released in 2018 was dismissed.

Minahas attorneys said that the case was dismissed on “privileged privilege grounds,” which means that Minaj could have a case if it had to do with the nature of her lawsuit.

Minahaj’s attorney, Robert M. Stoll, declined to comment on the case.

In 2018, Mina also announced that she would be stepping down as her solo album’s lead singer.

Mina told the New York Times that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and that the cancer was terminal, but the announcement caused her record label to pull the album.

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