How much do you pay for health insurance?

A survey of more than 3,000 people by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that, on average, consumers pay about $2,200 for insurance coverage, or about $8,000 for a family of four.

The average deductible for a standard plan was $2.89 million.

That’s lower than the average deductible of $3.07 million for a plan offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, a group that has its own insurance exchange, but higher than what insurers charge in other states.

The Kaiser survey also found that premiums for most plans, including those offered by major health plans, are lower than what they were two years ago, when premiums were higher.

But the Kaiser survey did not include information about plans that offer a range of plans.

Here are some things to know about how health insurance is paying for the health care system.

The health care industry has been on a spending binge.

The cost of insurance rose to $847 billion in 2018 from $804 billion in 2017, according to the Kaiser study.

While the costs of covering the health needs of Americans have continued to increase, the Kaiser research found that the cost of coverage has remained fairly flat.

Kaiser researchers found that for a typical family of five, insurance premiums for a new plan in 2018 were $1,062 per month, or just over $10,000 per year.

For the same family of 10, premiums were $811 per month.

The analysis did not account for the costlier plans that insurance companies are required to sell in the individual market.

The costs of providing health care to Americans are expected to continue to rise, but insurers are seeing their profits fall, because they are seeing higher rates from their consumers.

The industry is expecting to earn $3 billion or more in 2018, but that figure is expected to fall to $1.4 billion or less.

The new data also showed that a recent survey by Avalere Health, a market research company, found that only 20 percent of people would choose to buy a plan that did not cover birth control.

Some experts say that may be because they worry that a lack of birth control coverage will mean that more women will opt for the birth control pills and injections.

And while there are no data to show that women would be less likely to have access to birth control if they could get it at a lower cost, there may be an impact on how the cost would be divided between women and men.

A few states are trying to address the issue.

In 2018, the Obama administration and several Republican governors signed into law bills that require insurance companies to offer birth control at a low cost.

Those laws will go into effect this year.

However, the legislation also includes exceptions that allow insurers to charge higher rates for women and limit how much insurance companies can charge to women.

Those exceptions are not set in stone, however.

Some of the states that are moving toward the birth-control coverage rules have lower-than-average rates for contraceptive coverage.

States that are trying these bills include Kansas, Minnesota, Ohio, Missouri, Rhode Island, and Virginia.

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