How to Find a Good Rhye Singer

When you’ve been to a festival, you’ve probably noticed that some of the acts are a bit of a rarity.

That’s partly because they tend to be small, indie bands that have nothing to do with the mainstream.

They are usually more about the emotion that they put on stage and their personality.

So, that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most popular indie acts in 2017, and why they’re on this list.

If you haven’t seen them yet, we highly recommend checking out their music videos and their Instagram accounts.

If that’s not enough, you can find the rest of the best indie bands on our list below.


Kiiara Kiiaroa Kiiar, a.k.a.

KIIARA KIIAR, is an indie singer who is a member of the Australian indie rock band Kiiarroa.

They have a song called “A Girl Like You” on their debut album, Kiiari.

They were signed by the legendary Canadian indie rock duo, The Verve.


Iggy Pop Iggy, aka Iggy Rock, has been known for his hits like “Gimme Shelter,” “Love,” and “Fancy.”

He also released two albums of his own, My Heart Will Go On and I Feel Love, in 2018.

He’s been in numerous films, including the upcoming movie Get Out.


Tame Impala Tame, aka Tame Iggy is an American rapper who is also known for the hit “Tame.”

He released two solo albums, Tame and Tame.

He is currently in the studio with Tame Imogen.


De La Soul De La, aka De La Vida, is a hip-hop producer, producer, and rapper from South Florida who was signed by Run The Jewels.

He released the hit single “Get Free.”


The Weeknd The Weekends, aka The Weekend Family, is the most successful artist in the group The Weekenders.

He currently has six solo albums out, including “The Weekends,” “The Last Dance,” and the upcoming “Rough Trade.”


Disclosure Disclosure, aka Disclosure, is one of the biggest names in hip-house music.

He has sold over 70 million records worldwide and has a number of other solo projects in the works.


A$AP Rocky A$ AP Rocky, aka A$ap Rocky, is known for a number the hits he has produced, as well as his music videos.

He also recently released a number three single called “Boom.”


The Chainsmokers The Chainsmen, aka Blac Keys, is also a talented musician.

He recently released his debut album Blac, which is a compilation of songs from his first two albums.


Kendrick Lamar The K.

Dot is one the most popular artists in the world.

He releases hits like the Grammy-nominated single “All Night,” the Grammy nominated single “FDT,” and many more.


The War on Drugs The War On Drugs, aka Wiz Khalifa, is another talented rapper from Miami, Florida.

He was signed to Def Jam Records by Kanye West in 2012.

He produced and released many of the group’s albums and many songs.

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