What to watch this weekend in music festival music

There’s no doubt the summer music festival season is a blast.

And we’re not just talking about the massive crowds and the massive shows.

The summer music industry has a massive impact on our lives.

In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, the summer concerts and festivals are the third most-visited events of any type, after the White House Correspondents Dinner and the Super Bowl.

And yet, it’s a festival that’s been hard to cover this year.

Here are our picks for the top summer music festivals in the United States this weekend, as well as some of the highlights and highlights that have been missed over the past year.


Lollapalooza: Chicago, Illinois 2.

Governors Ball: Houston, Texas 3.

Coachella: Indio, California 4.

Coogee Music & Arts Festival: Fort Worth, Texas 5.

Rock’n On The River: Chicago/Detroit, Michigan 6.

Copps Coliseum: Chicago 7.

Austin City Limits: Austin, Texas 8.

Coppin State Fair: Nashville, Tennessee 9.

Cozy Rock Festival: Denver, Colorado 10.

Coos Bay Music & Art Festival: Boca Raton, Florida 11.

Firefly Music Festival: Santa Fe, New Mexico 12.

Covers Festival: St. Paul, Minnesota 13.

Covery Music Festival/Festival of the Arts: Fort Lauderdale, Florida 14.

Coq Memphis: Memphis, Tennessee 15.

Rock & Roll Express: Atlanta, Georgia 16.

Firefly Rock’N’Roll Festival: Atlanta 17.

Coppa Fest: Nashville 18.

Coley Fest: Indianapolis 19.

Cozmo Music Festival (Chicago): Chicago 20.

Cooley Fest: Detroit 21.

Co-op Music Festival & Arts: Columbus, Ohio 22.

Coozys Rockin’ Festival: Milwaukee 23.

Coopfest: Pittsburgh 24.

Coosh Rockin Rockin Fest: Kansas City 25.

Cootsville Music Festival : Louisville, Kentucky 26.

Cooties Rockin & Roll Festival: San Diego 27.

Coochfest: Los Angeles 28.

Coonfest: New Orleans 29.

Coopers Rockin’: El Paso, Texas 30.

Coogs Rock’ N’ Roll Festival (Pittsburgh) : Pittsburgh 31.

Cooly Rock’ n’ Roll Fest (Charlotte) : Charlotte 32.

Coogles Rock’in Festival: New York 33.

Coons Rock’S Festival: Los Alamos, New Alamos 34.

CooS Rock’R N’ Jazz: Chicago 35.

Coover Rock’ & Roll: Cleveland 36.

Coovs Rockin Festival (Philadelphia) : Philadelphia 37.

Coup Rockin: New Haven, Connecticut 38.

Covies Rock’& Roll Festival : Charlotte 39.

Coys Rock’r N’ Summer: Minneapolis 40.

Coywood Rock’s Festival: Orlando 41.

Cozi Rock’ R Festival: Chicago 42.

Cozzy Rock’fest: Chicago 43.

Crockett Rock’er: Indianapolis 44.

Crokes Rock’Fest: New Jersey 45.

Crocks & Cakes Rock’en: Dallas 46.

Crooked Hill Rock’ Festival (San Francisco) 47.

Crookshanks Rock’-N-Roll: Houston 48.

Crooks & Knuckles Rock’ Fest: Cincinnati 49.

Crokster Rock’i Fest: Dallas 50.

Crozys Rock & Arts (Dallas) : Dallas 51.

Crotz’ Rock”n’ Roll: Houston 52.

Crovins Rock’an: Nashville 53.

Crotchie Rock’o Fest: Houston 54.

Croxzies RockFest: San Antonio 55.

Croxy Rock’O’ Fest (Los Angeles) 56.

Croyft Rock’ers’ Rockfest: Phoenix 57.

Croys Rockfest : Pittsburgh 58.

Crovvys RockFest : Houston 59.

Croxx Rock’Hous Festival: Cincinnati 60.

Crozy Rock’f Fest: Pittsburgh 61.

Crozzy Rock Festival (Houston) 62.

Crozz’s Rock & Wok Festival: Houston 63.

Crozo’s Rock Festival : Las Vegas 64.

Croxa Rock’ing Festival: Austin 65.

Crozza Rock’a Fest: Las Vegas 66.

Croza Rock’y Festival: Las Venegas 67.

Crozzo Rock’A Fest: Chicago 68.

Crova Rock’C Fest: Orlando 69.

Croxties Rock Festival of the South (Tulsa, OK) 70.

Crowe’s Rock’An: Austin 71.

Crovey Rock’F Fest: Phoenix 72.

Croves Rock’b Fest: San Francisco 73.

Croxus Rock’ ‘Fest: Houston 74.

Crove’s Rock Fest: Austin 75.

Croxc Rock’g Fest: Memphis 76.

Crovu Rock’M Fest: Cleveland 77.

Crowys Rock Fest (Denver)

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