How to Sing Like A Singer, and Other Words from France

A new French dictionary has been published, adding words that can be found in French to the English language.

The dictionary, published by the French language website, Vocabularies de la langue française (VSL), is the first in the world to feature the names of French songs, including the iconic French song and dance of the same name, as well as the original French lyrics.

The VSL dictionary also includes an array of words, including slang terms like “scream”, “hiss”, “trouble”, “disgust”, “vibrator”, and “shudder”.

“As we know, English doesn’t have many words that come from French,” said Françoise Gagneau, editor of the dictionary, who is also an artist and music educator.

“The idea is to make a language with French words that you could learn in the real world.”

French language researcher and poet, Jean-François Boireau, also added that the new language, “is a real game changer” for the French music industry.

“For a long time, we had to struggle to get these words to make it into English,” he said.

“With the new dictionary, you will learn French words and you will see them in the language that you speak, and that is amazing.”

French singer Isabelle Mangere has been vocal about the difficulty of obtaining French lyrics and lyrics for her music.

In March 2017, she wrote on Instagram, “I’m not sure I will ever find a good French song again.”

French songwriter and musician Françoise Boireaud, who has also been a vocal advocate for the new Vocabulaire de la lingue francais (VVL), is also the co-founder of Singing With Voices, a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping young people learn French and French language.

She has been instrumental in promoting the Vocabulator website in France.

“It was a dream of mine to make my life in the French-speaking world easier, and I can’t thank anyone enough for the help,” said Ms Boireaux, who began working in Paris as a music teacher in 2005.

“VSL has created an opportunity to get more French spoken in the UK and I’m thrilled to be one of the first to share my love of French music and French life with the world.” 

The VSL is now available to download on iTunes and Google Play.

The Vocabulators are a collaborative project between VSL, the French government and the French Academy of Music and Drama.

The team at VSL has been working on the Vocabulary, Vocabulary Lab and Vocabulletage of the new French language dictionary for over two years. 

“The Vocabulas are a fantastic achievement for a language, but it also means that we’re finally able to give French music a voice, as a cultural resource and as a language,” said Mr Boireaus. 

French music educator Jean-Louis Gagneaux said that the Vocabulletage, a website that helps French language learners and those interested in French, will soon be available for French language students to download.

“French students will soon have access to a tool to learn French through the language, the Vocablue, which is part of the Vocabs website,” he added. 

The new Vocabullets dictionary includes a section on words and phrases used in the songs of the late singer Isabel Le Guin, who was born in France in 1961 and died in the US in 2013.

It includes examples of the most popular songs in the VSL’s database and a section that explains the meaning behind the names, sounds, and words.

“There is a huge gap between the meanings of words and music,” Ms Gagneaus said.

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