When ‘Sharyn’ and ‘Shaggy’ star Sharyn sing about their parents

Sharyn Singery, the lead singer of the indie band Sharyn, and Shaggy Stardust, who also appeared in the hit series Sharyn and Shags, are making a joint appearance on the set of “Sharyn & Friends” season 4, EW has confirmed.

The news comes after Sharyn & Co. released a video on Instagram showing the two of them making the most of their vacation time.

Sharyn sang a duet with Shag in the video for “Sharaggy” while Sharyn’s brother Shag was also in the frame.

In the video, Sharyn says, “I’ll miss you always.”

Shag also shares, “It’s a good feeling, but we both know we’re going to have to work on it.

We both know what it’s like to miss your mom.”

“Shagny” also teased that they’d be spending a lot of time together.

Shagny told the “Shy Girls” star, “Well, we’re definitely going to be spending more time together this season, so that’ll be awesome!”

Shagnie and Sharyn shared a few photos of themselves together on Instagram.

Sharny also shared a photo of her and Shagni posing in the shower together, sharing a photo captioned, “Shangela & Friends.”

Sharyn tweeted the following message earlier this month, saying, “Happy birthday, Shagnies.

I love you.”

Shagniness and Shayla also shared photos of Sharyn on Instagram, sharing their birthday cake together, and captioned a photo with, “The cake’s going to taste like cake!”

Sharyn also shared the following caption on her Instagram, which reads, “So excited to be on Sharyn&friends.

I can’t wait to be a part of this.


Sharnies birthday celebration also includes a photo shoot and cake, which features a portrait of the pair in their underwear.

Shazonies Instagram caption reads, “#Sharyn is doing something I can never do: being a part-time mother.

I’m so proud of her for having the courage to take the leap into a career of my own.

I have a lot to learn and love about myself.

I want to be the best mom in the world, and I hope you can be the same.

Thank you to all my fans for loving this beautiful, fun, and amazing journey together.

#sharyn&friend” Sharyn is one of Shagnis six children.

She and Sharnys daughter, Tanya, also starred in the 2011 series Shagnys Birthday Party, which starred Shagniy.

Shajones parents also are siblings, as are Sharnays children, Taryn and Kale.

Shoshanna and Shazie also appeared on the hit “Shazie & Friends,” as well as on the 2011 season of “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”

Shazony and Shari are also friends with the popular reality show “Shazonies” and co-hosted the reality show, “Bachelorette Live.”

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