How to write your own song

I’ve got this song.

You can see it in my bio, but the lyrics are mine.

I’ve just written a song.

It’s called “Jezebel” and it’s about the first day of the new year.

You’ll find the lyrics on the bottom of this post.

I’m going to explain how to write a song about it.

But first, I’d like to give a shout out to our dear and beloved friend Jeux Singerie, who kindly sent me the lyrics.

Jeux is one of the nicest and kindest people I know, and he has helped me write my lyrics.

He told me that the lyrics would have been better if I had gone with a song title.

If you don’t know how to title your song, you can’t have a good song title!

So here’s how to name your song: I’ll give you the lyrics first.

I will, however, give you some general guidelines: 1.

I want the song to be about a certain moment or feeling, or something that you think is important to the song.


The lyrics should be about the song’s theme.


I don’t want to be preachy or preachy about the words, because if I do, people will think I’m just preaching.


I need a title that’s catchy.

For instance, “A Day Without Jeux” is not catchy, so I don.

That’s what I like about the title, Jeux says in the song: “There’s no Jeux.

There’s no Jekyll.

It doesn’t matter.”

And I love that.

I like that it’s catchy because it reminds me of a real life person, and that’s a good thing.


I’ll need a hook, a hookline, a chorus, a bridge, a main chorus, and some kind of verse.

That way, the song has a certain feel.

I’d recommend you try to find a catchy hook that fits the mood of the song, so that you can keep it fresh.


I can’t use a chorus or a hook.

If there’s no chorus, I’m not going to sing the song without one.

If the song doesn’t have any hook, I can make it sound like it has a hook in the middle of it, so it sounds like it’s really happening in the chorus.

But if there’s a hook I’m missing, I need to write something catchy to replace it.

If I can use a hook to get the listener to sing along, it’s okay.


The chorus needs to be simple and catchy.

It needs to sound like the chorus is coming from the listener’s mouth.


The main chorus needs a hook that can be sung along to.

The bridge, which is the last section of the chorus, needs to have some kind and catchy chorus.


The verse needs a verse that can’t be sung without it.

I would suggest you try and find some hook that is catchy and memorable.


If possible, you need a vocal line.

I think the best line in the whole song should be sung by a male, and I don,t want to sing that because I don`t want it to be perceived as a male song.

If it sounds more like a male voice, I think that’s okay, too.


The hookline needs to not be too long, and it needs to match the rest of the lyrics perfectly.


The melody needs to fit the song as well as possible.

If your melody is too complex, it won’t fit.


The word choice needs to suit the song and be consistent with the rest.

For example, if the word “jeux” doesn’t fit the lyrics, that’s fine.

It shouldn’t be a “Jeux.”

If you need more than one word, you have to think about what that word means, how you use it, and what other words can be used to describe the same feeling.

I found that when I started writing my lyrics, the words that made sense fit better with the song than others.

So I made some notes on how I wanted to describe my feelings about the world and what people are like, and then I put them into my lyrics (and some other things like this, but those are just ideas).

You can’t really get a clear picture of what the words are supposed to mean, but it’s important to get an idea of what they mean.

So if the words don’t fit, you may find yourself feeling stuck on what the word means.

The next time you’re listening to a song, try to think through the lyrics and figure out what’s going on.

You may want to ask Jeux, who is one to be a bit more direct, if he’s going to be strict on this rule, because you might

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