Blues star Louis Sherry dies at 82

A singer who won more than 2.8 million Brit Awards and made his debut as a bluesman is dying.

Louis Sherry, 81, was diagnosed with cancer last week and died at his home in Ballybough, County Clare, in a nursing home.

The singer was diagnosed in December 2017 with cancer and had been in remission for five months.

His son Paul Sherry told BBC Radio Ulster that his father was “one of the great musicians of all time” and that he had had many brushes with the cancer.

“He was always singing and playing the blues and was always very popular.”

It was always about the music, but he was always really passionate about the community and the music and the people that he loved.

“When he died he was a great musician and one of the greatest blues singers ever.”

Louis Serry (left) and his father Paul (centre) in the 1950s and 1960s.

Source: PA Archive/PA ImagesLouise Sherry (right) in a 1962 photo with the late Sir Paul McCartney.

Source : BBC Collection/Getty ImagesPaul Sherry said he had no comment on the news of the cancer diagnosis.

Louise and Paul Serry were among the best-selling bluesmen of the early 20th century.

They toured together and sang together on the blues chart at number 1, with Sherry on top of the charts for many years.

Louises popularity was also a key factor in his death.

He sold over 500 million albums worldwide and his catalogue alone has sold more than 3 million.

A BBC Radio Wales presenter who covered Sherry’s career said the artist had “no doubt” he would be remembered as one of rock’s great blues stars.

Paul Serry said his father had “a huge influence on all of us, but also on many artists who were influenced by him”.

He said: “Louise was the guy who really influenced the people of Ballys and we all look at the music today and say, ‘Oh, that’s not what I’d like to hear’.”‘

One of the best musicians of our time’Louise’s songs included “The Bluesman”, “Black and White”, “Ladies and Gentlemen” and “The Ballad of the Young Crow”.

He was known for his signature high-pitched voice, his bluesy guitar playing and his trademark trademark blue jeans.

The BBC’s Mark Davies said the singer was known as “one the greatest guitar players of our age” and the “greatest blues musician of all times”.

“He has a unique voice and it was never going to be replaced,” he said.

“His voice is a true signature of his style and he had a huge influence over a great many of the blues singers and musicians who were also doing that at the time.”

Sherry’s blues hits included “Crazy Town”, “I Will Always Love You” and many more.

Sherry was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1924 and studied guitar at the Royal College of Music.

He went on to play in the Blues Band with his wife and fellow musician Lillian McWilliams, who died in 1965.

Serry was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 1997 and was honoured with an honorary doctorate in 2018.

His family said his life and music had been “an amazing journey”.

“His legacy will live forever in the hearts and minds of millions of people.

The Silly Symphony, which he co-founded with his bandmates, is the finest recorded blues song of all-time,” the statement said.

A tribute to Louis Silly, the first African-American to win the Grammy Award for Best Blues Performance.

Source: AP/Press Association ImagesLouises life was not easy.

He was born with a congenital condition known as dyslexia, which caused him difficulty with speech and reading.

“I was a very shy boy and had no sense of humour,” his son Paul said.

He said Louis was also very much “a boy who wanted to be loved and respected”.

Louise, who was born at Ballyclough in Birmingham and raised by his parents, married pianist Lillian in 1932 and they had three children.

In 1958, the couple moved to New York City and married pianists Jack Beal and James Dickson.

In 1962, Louis and Lillian moved to the US, where they had their first son, Joseph, born in New York.

Paul said his mother and father had a “big influence on me”, but he had been lucky to have the opportunity to learn from the two musicians.

“They taught me a lot about music and music was an important part of our lives.”

Louise always wanted to know what’s going on and was a real lover of jazz and blues and it would be interesting to know his thoughts on some of the current musical trends.

“The Silly Symphonies, which had sold more 500 million records worldwide, were recorded by the band and are now the longest-

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