You’ll get a bit of your music back on your iPhone 6S after all

The US Patent and Trademark Office has published the first patent application for a patent for an “iPhone 6S wallpaper” that uses the same technology used in Google’s Pixel phones to add audio and text.

The new patent describes a wallpaper that can be accessed through a customised app that displays an image of the phone’s front and back displays.

Apple has previously said the wallpaper could be used to replace the stock wallpaper, but the patent describes how the wallpaper can be used without changing the phone itself.

The patent describes an image capture method for displaying an image and a display of the display of an image.

An image of an object is captured using a sensor in the display, which is configured to capture a reference image of a user interface.

In the case of the iPhone 6, the image is displayed to the user by a camera.

The reference image is captured by the display and is processed using the camera.

In some embodiments, the display or sensor is configured for capturing a reference images of the device, and the image data is stored in a memory in the memory.

The image data can be modified to include a reference object.

The modifications are stored in the reference image.

In one embodiment, the modification includes a reference or a mask.

The mask may be modified in some manner.

The modification includes storing a reference and a mask at different locations in the same memory.

In another embodiment, a reference is stored at one or more locations in memory.

An input signal from a user is sent to the display to modify the mask.

An output signal from the display is received by the user to modify an image from the memory to display the modified image.

The output signal includes the reference, a mask, a change to a mask or a change from a mask to a reference.

The user input is sent, and modified data is received from the user’s phone.

A reference image can include a pixel and/or a mask that the image processing is configured by the system to use for displaying the reference.

In embodiments, an image processing method can be configured by a system to change the reference to an image in a particular format or image format, and to use that image in the user interface for displaying that image.

The display can be an optical image sensor or a depth sensor that detects light intensity from the object in the image.

A device can be capable of detecting an image that is associated with a particular user or group of users, such as an event, a face, a location, a person or a location in the world.

The device can also be configured to display a specific image for a specific user or a specific group of user users, based on a criteria such as age, gender, ethnicity, location or other factors.

The display can display an image when the device detects an object of the user group that is the subject of the image, or when the image of that object is displayed.

The application states that the wallpaper “includes a transparent mask that can mask an image so that a user cannot see the image itself.

The transparent mask is activated when the user selects an image.”

The wallpaper has to be manually applied by the owner of the smartphone, but it does not have to be applied to the entire device.

It is currently unclear how it will be configured on the phone.

Apple has not commented on the patent.

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