How to talk to your friends about sex

ANKARA (AP) Sharyn Singery says she doesn’t know what to say to her friends after reading about a woman who was raped by her ex-boyfriend while drunk.

Singery is a senior at the University of Georgia.

She was 18 years old at the time.

The man is now 40.

Singeries mom says she just wanted to share what she had learned about her daughter’s assault.

“I just want to say thank you for sharing your story,” Singery said.

She said the only way she could help was by sharing her own.

Singers mom is also an active member of the Georgia Straight Alliance, a group of young adults dedicated to ending sexual violence.

The group works to promote the rights of LGBTQ individuals, but they also encourage people to speak out if they are feeling isolated or threatened.

The organization launched a website on Monday, with a call to action for anyone who has been assaulted.

“We’re here to help.

We’re here for you,” it reads.

It is a sentiment echoed by many in Georgia, which has a long history of sexual violence and discrimination.

The state’s LGBTQ community has been at the forefront of fighting to end the practice, and Singery’s story shows just how much work still remains.

She says her story is a wake-up call for her community.

“It really does remind us that there are people out there who are struggling, that there’s people out here who are still struggling,” she said.

Singernes mother says she only wants to give her daughter a hug, but she also wants to know how much she can do to help others.

“That’s what she’s here for.

That’s what we want to do for her,” Singers mother said.

The Georgia Straight Association says they’ve raised more than $15,000 in donations to help the Georgia Gay & Lesbian Task Force in its fight against sexual violence against LGBTQ people.

They also say they’ve worked to raise awareness about the prevalence of sexual assault, including an online petition.

Georgia’s governor says he’s committed to making it harder for people to be victimized.

“There’s not one person out there that we know that hasn’t been a victim of sexual harassment or assault,” said Gov.

Nathan Deal.

“Our task force is committed to ending the problem.

We all have a responsibility to stand up and take care of each other.” “

This is a problem we all have to be part of.

We all have a responsibility to stand up and take care of each other.”

Deal says the task force has been able to bring in hundreds of volunteers and provide training to law enforcement officers.

Deal says he believes that if there’s a victim in Georgia and a crime is committed, that law enforcement should be involved.

He says he has asked the task team to make the effort to ensure that every case is reported.

He also says the law enforcement community should work together to prevent sexual violence in the first place.

Deal said that he has been working with state legislators to create legislation to make it harder to get a restraining order in the case of a sexual assault.

The bill, he said, would make it easier for victims to get their restraining orders overturned if they believe they’ve been the victim of abuse or sexual assault by someone they know.

He said he plans to meet with legislators this week to discuss how to make that happen.

The new legislation would also require the Georgia Legislature to pass a law prohibiting sexual harassment and sexual assault from occurring in public places.

Deal also has promised to make sure that victims of sexual abuse have access to justice in the courts.

Deal has said that if a victim is found to have committed sexual assault or harassment, the accused would have to pay for the victim’s legal costs.

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