Rotten to the core, Rotten-to-the-core, ROTTEN-to the core: The most beloved old-school rock songwriter of all time

By now, you’re probably aware of what the ROTTES are, and how they have influenced rock music for decades.

And you’re also probably aware that they have their own, somewhat unique style, so we’ll be taking a closer look at a couple of the songs from their albums that have made the cut to this list.

First up is a song that we all love, and that the Rottes have also written, but have never quite got around to releasing as a single. 

It’s called “The Rotten.”

It’s from their 1977 album, ROTTE, and we’ve featured it on the Rotten tracklist before.

This one is a little different, however, and features vocals from singer Sabine Singery, who was in the band when the song was written.

It’s a pretty lovely song, and a really nice listen.

The lyrics are pretty self-explanatory, and the song itself is pretty much an unapologetically beautiful rock song, with a really sweet chorus.

Listen to it below:Sabine sings this in her native language of French, and it’s quite lovely.

And the singer is quite good in the chorus, too.

Listen below:And now, the next song we’ve never heard before, and one of the few songs that didn’t make it onto ROTTE’s final album, The Rotten.

It is a lovely and sweet rock song by singer Eddie Vedder, who is not currently on tour.

Listen on Spotify:And here’s another one of Sabine’s songs from ROTTEE, this one from their 1973 album, ROTTE.

Listen here:As we said before, Sabine sings in French, which is the language that the song originally originated in, so there is a very French-sounding element to the song.

And it has a lovely hook, too, as Sabine uses it to set up a wonderful guitar solo.

Listen below:If you’ve never tried to sing Sabine singing “Rotten,” you’ve missed out on some seriously awesome music.

This is the best single out of ROTTTE that you will ever hear, and is a must-listen for any ROTTIE fan.

Sabine Singeries guitar solo is one of her best solos, and she really sings it in a way that’s very easy to understand.

Listen and enjoy!

Sabine’s lyrics are also quite nice, as she uses the word “ROTTER” to describe the feeling of being rotten to the bone, and sings about how she hates herself for wanting to be loved.

Listen above:Listen below on Spotify.

And last, but certainly not least, the ROTTRESS.

Listen in full here:If we didn’t already know, the name ROTTS is derived from the French word for rotten, and Sabine and Eddie Vedds song “ROTTET” has that same French word in it.

So this is a pretty unique and fun track.

Listen at the 2:21 mark in the video above.

Sabina sings it really well, and really sings along with Eddie Ved’s guitar solo and some of the lyrics, too!

And it’s a lovely song that will always be in my heart.

Listen for yourself on Spotify below: You may also like: The Rottess’ Most Essential Songs: ROTTERED

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