How to get a ‘fiery’ pop star to agree to a TV interview –

In France, a “fiery” singer is not usually considered to be a hot commodity.

But singerie Mots, the self-described “proud, rebellious” singer of the band Doktor, has managed to do just that.

Mots, who has a reputation for being tough on the stage, says she was in her early twenties when she met the enigmatic singer, whom she calls “Micky”.

“We’d just been on tour in Japan, and we were both pretty young, so it was sort of a no-brainer,” she told the Paris Match newspaper.

“We had been in Japan for a few years, so we both wanted to be out in the world.”

The band members quickly began to explore the possibilities of collaborating on music, but the singer was not interested in the band making any commercial recordings.

“She was very interested in my own career,” she said.

“She was a real musician.

I mean, she’d been a musician for a long time, she was very experienced.”

While Mots says she never really got the chance to make any music, the idea of working with the singer did eventually come to fruition.

The band was signed to an international record label, and the French singer says she is now one of the most popular and successful singers in the country.

“I think that’s what attracted me to this kind of project, is the fact that I’m really passionate about music,” she explained.

“That’s what motivated me to work on this album, to have the most ambitious project in the history of music, because it’s not just about me.

It’s about the whole musical community, and it’s about our future, because we all need a creative voice.”

The artist, who is also the founder of the Parisian arts school L’Arborette, said the collaboration with Mots was “a very special moment”.

“I felt very privileged to be part of a group of artists who can do what we do,” she added.

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