Singerian vegan takes on the world in ‘The Vegetarian’ video

Singerian Vegan is a video that tells the story of a vegan singer from Australia, who is living her vegan lifestyle as a self-funded vegan businesswoman.

The video is the result of a yearlong collaboration between singerian, vegan, and vegan activist, who began making videos to inspire others to eat a plant-based diet, when she became overwhelmed with the amount of food she consumed and started looking for ways to make a living.

“When I was younger, I was obsessed with the idea of not eating any meat, so I decided to do that and I became a vegan.

It was so exciting, it was a huge step forward for me and I just wanted to show others that there was something that could be done for them, so they could be free of meat,” Singerian says in the video, which she released on YouTube on Friday.”

It was so difficult to get through the first year and it was really difficult to put it together but it has been a big learning experience for me.”

In the video Singerian explains that when she started her business she wanted to be able to afford a small fridge and kitchen so she could have a place to store all the food she had to make.

“I had to think hard about what I wanted to sell and how I wanted it to be packaged, and it became a really hard process,” she says.

“The thing that I was really proud of, I found it was quite a lot cheaper to make something than to buy a fridge, and I had a fridge that I could just use and then when I got home it was there.”

There were a lot of things that I wanted in a fridge and it wasn’t a good idea to have a fridge because you wouldn’t be able access to it.

“So I decided I wanted a fridge in my kitchen and I thought that would be the perfect place to keep all the groceries and the ingredients that I needed.”

Then I thought, well I could actually make that happen and I started to think about what kinds of things I could make for myself and the people that I want to be my customers.

“She said it was also important to make sure that the items that she could afford were good quality.”

We just had to find out where to find good quality organic produce and then get that in our fridge so that I can have that fresh supply of things to keep in my fridge and also to have that shelf space for things that you can’t really get in a grocery store, like organic chocolate and organic pasta,” she said.

Singerian’s Vegan Adventures also focuses on her own personal experiences.”

Some of the vegan food that I am making is really good for me, I know what I like, and some of it isn’t really that good for anybody,” she explains.”

Sometimes I make things that are a little bit more indulgent or a little too salty, so you can actually get a little taste of the good stuff, but it’s all good and I think that’s the main thing.

“Watch Singerian’s video here:

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