How to help an endangered fish with its habitat

BAYMARK, New Jersey — For a fish species that’s been in decline in New Jersey for years, a rare coral-rich reef habitat may be just what it takes to turn things around.

The rare species of reef fish, also known as the mycenas, are a delicacy in Europe, and are found in coastal waters off the coast of New Jersey.

They’re also the only fish in the world that can swim in water that’s at least 50 degrees, and in which the coral can be up to 40 feet deep.

The fish’s plight in New York State was the subject of a New York Times investigation, which focused on how the fish’s habitat was destroyed in the name of commercial fishing.

A coalition of environmental groups and a few local politicians have lobbied for a restoration project on the East River.

It would bring the fish back to its original habitat, where they thrive, and protect the area’s historic shoreline, where the coral is plentiful and has allowed for the growth of several thriving oyster farms.

“The reef fish is really the lifeblood of the ecosystem and we have to be really proactive in protecting it,” said Bill Henningsen, a marine biologist at the New York University Steinhardt School of the Environment.

The restoration plan would also include the creation of a new, private company, the New Jersey Caves, to manage the fish, according to a press release from the New Jerseyan State Department of Environmental Conservation.

It is unclear how much money the project will cost, but environmental groups have estimated the effort could be around $500,000.

A restoration project would be the first step in a long, long process to save the coral reef in New England.

While the species’ habitats have been destroyed, the species is now thriving in a large and diverse ecosystem that includes the Chesapeake Bay, New York’s Catskill Mountains, and the Delaware Bay, the northernmost point in the U.S. The coral reefs in New Hampshire, New Hampshire’s Upper Cape Cod, and Massachusetts have all seen significant growth in the past few decades.

But there are still some fish species left in the state, and they’re all endangered.

The New Jersey Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which oversees the state’s marine and coastal resources, estimates there are about 6,500 mycene, which are about the size of a house cat.

The species is native to tropical and subtropical coastal waters and is found in a variety of habitats.

The mycenes range in color from green to purple and have blue scales on their heads, but the species most often seen in New World coral reefs are black and white.

The mycens are also found throughout the northern Atlantic, including off the coasts of Canada, the U, and Alaska, but their populations are at risk because of human activities.

A 2012 study by scientists at New York and the University of New Hampshire estimated that about 3,500 of the mycotoxins are causing diseases in New Zealand, a small country located in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa.

The species is also vulnerable to pollution, including heavy metals and pesticides, which can lead to respiratory problems, and diseases caused by parasites.

A recent study found the disease burden in New Britain, New England, the Hudson River, and other communities in New Mexico, New Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, and elsewhere was more than five times greater than the U and Alaska.

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