Why you should watch the French pop song “Chantilly” in French

You may have heard the name “Chanteuse”, or “Chanti” in English, or heard the words “Cantaloupe”, or even the French “Caisse” (or “Chai” or “Chese”).

But the French word for the rose is “Chantes”, which translates to “Rose of the Champagne”, and its French name means “Champagne”.

“Chants” and “Chanting” are synonymous with music and the love of music.

So you may think you have heard these songs, and you would be right.

But the true beauty of this music comes from its connection with the love and connection between two people.

If you can listen to “ChANTALOUPE”, you can hear the true joy of this love between two lovers and hear how the two people, the singers, love each other and how they can express their love with music.

“Chantoise” and the music of “Chance” and their love “La Chanteuse” are two songs that should be sung together with each other for a full hour and a half.

They are two pieces of music that can unite you to one another and help you to feel and feel good.

“La chanteuse de la champagne” is a song by a French singer called Pierre Chantal, which is about his friendship with his girlfriend.

You can listen and enjoy the song in English or French here: La Chanteureuse de La Champagne Pierre Chanteus song.

The song “La Champagne” was written by Pierre Chanceaux in 1894.

It is a very popular song in France, and is performed by singers and groups all over the world.

Chantales love of this song was a big inspiration for him to write his own love song, “La champagne”, a love song for his girlfriend and her lover, who is also a singer.

You can listen this song on Youtube: La Champagnes love song.

I can’t recommend the Chantals love song enough.

It has the perfect balance between love and passion.

This song is about the beauty of love and the passion of music and it is about how we should always remember to remember that we are connected with each others love and affection and love, but also love and music.

In this love song we can find the truth about love and love and friendship.

I would love to share this song with you.

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