How to write a song about the human body without sounding too morbid or depressing

When you’re on stage at a gig, the band members can get pretty intense.

They get into the rhythm of the songs.

And that makes it easy for the performers to talk about the “dangers” of the crowd and what’s “up” with everyone else.

But for a song like “The World Is Yours,” it’s even easier.

The lead singer’s lyrics, which were inspired by her own experience with chronic fatigue syndrome, are a throwback to the times of the Cold War.

They’re not about the people who were in the audience when she was diagnosed, she says, but about the fact that “everything’s the same.”

This is a “fantastic” song, she sings, and she doesn’t care if anyone thinks she’s weird or crazy.

The song has the kind of “choreography” of a band recording, which is a lot like a film.

The singer is a stage actor who, while singing and dancing, doesn’t look like a real person.

“I didn’t have to be like, ‘I’m a stage performer,'” she says.

“It’s not like I’m playing it off of my acting ability.

I’m not even a bad actor, I’m just singing and not acting.

I think that’s one of the things that makes the world so interesting and special.

I can sing in the shower and still sound like a person.”

So this isn’t just a weird, creepy pop song.

It’s also an exploration of the “human body,” and the way the physical part of the body can be affected by the music and the people in the crowd.

For many people, the lyrics might be just plain weird.

But the songs are meant to be a powerful reminder that the physical world can be a dangerous place.

And they’re a lot more effective than, say, “This Is the End,” which is about the apocalypse.

“You can’t really get away from it.

And you can’t get away with it,” says Dr. Liora Sperling, a neuroscientist and the author of the book “Body Music: The Power of Sound and the Body in the Age of Technology.”

She’s the co-director of the Sound and Movement Lab at the University of Texas at Austin.

“Because it’s not the sound that’s threatening, it’s the people and the places.”

Dr. Sperlin and her colleagues have developed a technique called “virtual acoustic imaging” to study how the physical parts of the human brain react to music.

Their findings suggest that music can actually be a way to slow the brain’s activity and slow its response to the physical.

“Musicians use music to convey a lot of information, but the way they’re doing that is by using music to slow down the brain and to make it more receptive to that information,” she says in an interview with Polygon.

“And that may be useful in situations like this.”

Dr Sperle has spent the last several years studying the brains of professional musicians, using the technique to study the effects of music on performance.

“One of the really exciting things about music is that it’s so versatile,” she tells Polygon, “that it can be very much about the music, it can also be about the listener, it may be about a specific aspect of the performance.

And then also about the world.”

The music she’s studying can be as simple as a couple of bars of a pop song, but it can take up to three minutes for a performance.

That’s why, in her research, she’s looking for ways to improve musicians’ performance.

The best way to do that is to make the music less challenging and more relaxing.

“In order to do this, you need to make music less intrusive,” she explains.

“So you have to find a way of doing things that don’t disrupt the brain at all.”

Music can also help people with anxiety and depression.

“There’s a lot about how music affects the brain that’s not well understood,” says Sperley.

“But we know that when people listen to music, their moods change.”

She believes that the brain can “understand what you’re thinking,” and then change that.

So what exactly is a brain that is “understanding” and “changing” in a way that makes you happy?

“There is a very specific kind of neural pathway,” she notes.

“That pathway is what’s called a dopamine pathway, and that’s the pathway that’s activated when you’re feeling excited.

“We can actually regulate our emotions in ways that we couldn’t control before. “

What’s more, there’s evidence that when we hear music, we’re able to control our behavior,” she continues.

“We can actually regulate our emotions in ways that we couldn’t control before.

So we have to understand why that’s happening, and we have the tools to change it.” Dr L


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