Which player is more likely to score an ODI hundred?: Who scores the most runs?

AUSTRALIANS are set to get another crack at the top of the world rankings, with the number of players scoring 100-plus runs in the IPL this year expected to reach more than 500.

Roughly 100 players will join the rankings, up from just two a few weeks ago, with only one player scoring 100 runs in any IPL, the current top 10 list.

It is understood the new format will allow players to earn more money from each match, which is a big boost to the number that play the game.

This will be the first time the rankings will be updated since they were set up by the ICC in 2005.

The number of IPL players will climb to just under 400.

The new format is expected to have an impact on the top 100 players, with players like Mohammad Hafeez, who has scored over 200 runs in three IPLs, potentially seeing their rankings dip.

The rankings will also have an effect on the number and percentage of runs that can be earned in each innings.

There are currently a total of eight IPL teams with scores of over 400.

It will be a huge boost for the likes of Virat Kohli and Mitchell Starc, who have been playing for over two decades.

While they have been relatively quiet this season, both are expected to step up their game, as the IPLC will give them a bigger opportunity to earn money.

“I think we have a new format which will make a big difference in terms of who scores the runs in each game,” said India’s skipper Virat.

“I think you are going to see a bigger boost in the quality of the games.

It’s a big opportunity for the teams to make a run in the rankings.

This will give more incentive for the players to score runs in a more consistent manner.”

Kohli and Starc have been among the best bowlers in the world in recent seasons, but the new IPL format is likely to mean that they will now be the big beneficiaries of it.

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