French singerie singerie noir noir: French singers are being asked to rework their lyrics to better fit their lyrics

French singers may need to re-work their music lyrics to make them more palatable for the ears of Americans, according to an analysis by The New York Times.

The French singer-songwriter Sylvie Singery has been criticized for not singing as much as she should.

Her new songs have often been criticized as being too low-key and melodic, according the Times.

“I know that in the U.S., there are some people who find my singing too low, and I understand why,” Singery told the Times, referring to criticism that she has become too melodic.

“But I want to tell them I am a singer.

I have a voice, I am an artist, and it’s my music that I have to change.”

French singer-artist Sylvie Singer is seen at a concert in Marseille, southern France, on Oct. 14, 2018.

Singery, whose name means “songbird,” released her debut album in 2011.

Her latest album, the new film, is titled La Singe, which translates to “The Girl From Singe,” according to The New Yorker.

The singer-singer said she wanted to create a new musical genre that would appeal to both the American and European audiences.

“It is a new type of musical art, and my intention is to create music that appeals to the American ear and to the European ear,” she said.

“If I am going to create this new musical art form, it’s not just going to be American and American-inspired, it has to be European-inspired.

The goal is to make music that is appealing to both ears.”

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