What’s the secret behind this sexy pair of red dresses?

A pair of racy red dresses that was designed by artist Pierre Singery and published by the French fashion house Lettres the Painter, is one of the many pieces from her upcoming collection The Artist’s Guide to Sexy.

The collection features pieces that are both elegant and provocative.

“I like reds, I love red and I love fashion, and this collection is one way to express myself,” Singery told ABC News.

“I’ve always wanted to be a designer, and the red dresses are a way to show it.”

In the collection, Singery chose to take on the color reds because she believes that reds can express beauty and sexuality.

“It’s so strong, and I’m not sure why I’m obsessed with it,” she said.

“It’s a color that can express itself.”

Singery’s red dress is one the most striking pieces from the collection.

The dress features a bright red bow and a ribbon in the center, along with a red-and-black lace edging that adds a pop of color to the dress.

“When I see a red dress, I want to take it, and to have it go through me and be my own,” she explained.

“The red bow adds a kind of playful flair to the whole dress,” Singry said.

In a way, Singeries red dress feels like an extension of her identity as a fashion designer.

“A lot of the clothes I wear, they’re a reflection of who I am,” Singers said.

“[I want] to express the best aspects of me.”

While some of the dresses in the collection are more playful, the dresses also have a hint of sophistication.

The red bow has a soft texture, with a ribbon attached.

The lace edgings are a playful touch that is reminiscent of lace.

“My red dresses have a lot of curves and some of them are so short, that they kind of resemble the short dresses of the ’60s,” Singer said.

For some, the red dress might be a reflection on how the red light from the LEDs changes the colors of the room, or it might just be a way for Singery to show her appreciation for her own red.

“As a girl, I had red clothes.

My mother had red hair,” she told ABC.

“They made me dress in red.

I always thought of red as an expression of sexuality, but I didn’t know it was a really powerful thing.”

Singers red dress features lace edges and ribbons along the back and sides of the dress, along the edges.

A ribbon is tied on the back of the neckline, which is embellished with red lace.

The red dress comes with two matching belts, which Singers explained were inspired by a belt from a fashion magazine.

“This is the kind of belt I would wear to work,” she recalled.

“A little bit of red, and a little bit black.

It’s kind of a black belt that’s just kind of the opposite of the traditional white one.”

While Singers red-based dress is a bold statement, it’s not the first time Singers has worn a red outfit.

She has worn the same red dress on a number of occasions.

“In the past, I’ve worn red for a lot more reasons than just fashion,” Singering said.

The colors have a symbolic meaning in a way that makes the red look beautiful and sexy, which she said she hopes other designers will take notice of.

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