When your friend is a painter, you’re like, “Oh, cool! I’m gonna buy her a painting”

The singer who recently made a name for herself by painting all over her ex-boyfriend’s walls has been hit with a legal challenge after she posted an ad on Craigslist asking for an artist to paint her.

The former lover, who was not named, has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court claiming that the artist breached his trust when he used her name and photo without her permission.

“You can’t just ask me to paint your walls,” the ad read.

“It’s a violation of my privacy.

I cannot use my name, or my photograph, without your permission.”

The singer’s attorney, Eric G. Ziegler, told NBC News that his client would have no comment beyond her statement.

She also did not respond to a request for comment from NBC News.

“I think it’s the biggest misunderstanding I’ve seen in 20 years of representing a person,” Giesler said.

“This is not the artist she portrays herself to be.”

The case comes as a growing number of artists are getting sued.

According to the Artists’ Civil Rights Project, more than 200 artists have been sued in the last five years, more in the past decade than any other time in the history of the group.

A study by the American Institute of Painting and Drawing found that between 2010 and 2015, the number of cases filed in California alone rose by more than 60 percent.

But experts say the number is likely higher because artists can be protected from liability when they choose to paint.

“In order for a person to be held liable, they have to act in the person’s best interest,” said Mark Muro, a senior attorney at the nonprofit.

“If you are not acting in the best interest of the person, the law will protect you.”

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