What happened when a mom who was on the verge of losing her son became a hero?

Posted by ABC News on March 16, 2018 12:02:29What happened when Sharyn Singery was at a gas station when her 7-year-old son, John Singery, started crying?

She thought it was an accident.

But it wasn’t.

She was at the pump with her 2-year, 7-month-old daughter when her son started crying.

Sharyn said she was shocked.

She was worried that her son had a heart attack, but it wasn’s a normal reaction to a crying baby.

John’s mom, Maryam Singery-Singery, said she has no regrets.

She decided to make a video to show her son the way she feels.

She has since been a viral sensation.

Her video has been viewed more than 1 million times and she says the video has gone viral as well.

Shauna Singery said she wanted to make the video so that people could see what she went through.

“You are not a stranger, you are not some random mom,” she said.

“You are a mom.”

Singery said John Singerson was at his brother’s house, but he went home and started crying again.

When his parents got there, they took him to the hospital.

Maryam Singeries son, Sharyn, said her son was not breathing.

When John told his mom about his symptoms, Maryams family was shocked, but Sharyn knew her son wasn’t having an emergency.

Maryams husband, Sean, was at home with their 4-year old daughter, and when she heard John was having the same reaction, she decided to call 911.

When the paramedics arrived, she said she didn’t know what to expect.

But when she looked at her son, she thought he had an asthma attack.

She started calling 911.

She said the ambulance pulled up and started to take John to the intensive care unit.

The paramedics did not give him a pulse, but they did give him antibiotics, according to Maryams husband.

After the doctors started to put John in a medically induced coma, MaryAMayers son woke up and was breathing on his own.

MaryAMS husband said he was surprised to hear his son had no pulse.

The paramedics did the best they could, but John was still breathing, according.

He was awake and talking when Maryam’s husband got back to work.

When John’s parents heard John had a seizure, they were so surprised, they called 911 again.

Sharyn Singary said it was scary.

She said she thinks her son may have had a concussion.

When he woke up, he was still awake.

He said he told her that his father died from a heart condition, but she believed he was joking.

When Sharyn saw the video, she was just so touched and emotional.

She has no plans to make another video for John.

“It just feels like I am doing something to help people,” Sharyn says.

“It just makes me happy that people are helping me.”

Maryam says she plans to take her son to a specialist in a few days.

She also plans to do more videos.

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