Why do you wear gloves when you’re playing tennis?

Tennis player and Australian tennis star, Gail Gautier, is one of the sport’s pioneers.

Gauter’s career began with the US Open in 1983, and she has gone on to win five grand slam titles, seven French Open titles and two Olympic gold medals.

Gauts’ trademark gloves are made from the softest of synthetic materials, but she is adamant that she wears gloves when playing.

“I’m not a very strong-willed person, so it was natural for me to play tennis with gloves,” Gautiers said in a recent interview with Australian broadcaster, TV3.

“It’s something I enjoy.

I have a really good relationship with the players, they’re always giving me the feedback.”

GautIER: Playing tennis with soft gloves is a great way to play.

It helps to keep my hands warm.

It’s not about having gloves on but I think that’s important.

I like to wear my gloves, but I don’t really wear gloves for sport.

You have to think about your body, your technique and your technique is very important.

When I was playing, I used to wear a rubber glove, but when I became a professional I switched to a plastic one, which I think is more comfortable and helps me to get the best out of the ball.

I don’t really know why I’m wearing them, but they help me to grip the ball better.

When you are playing tennis you have to make sure you are using all your energy and that you’re not going to miss a beat.

It is really important for the players to have good grip on the ball, because that’s how you are going to be successful on the court.

“Gautier has become a superstar over the years and is one to watch in terms of her ability and her consistency in tennis,” Tennis Australia president and CEO, Steve Murray, said in an interview with the ABC.

“She is also an inspiration to the women’s game.

She’s a very smart player and one who is not afraid to be outspoken on the field of play.” 

“It is a matter of the players having confidence in their ability and in their technique.

If the ball is coming out of their hands in the right spot and the tennis ball is hitting them accurately, it should not be too hard to get a good result,” Murray added.”

It’s very hard to be a consistent performer when you are not playing tennis every day.”

The Gauters have played in Australia since 1987, and have also won the US Opens, French Open, and Australian Open titles.

The pair have been awarded several accolades, including three ATP World Tour titles, two Grand Slam doubles titles, and three Australian Open singles titles.

“We are very fortunate to have been part of the Australian tennis family for over 30 years and we are grateful to the Australian Government for providing us with such a long-lasting and supportive relationship,” Gauts said in the interview.

“My wife, Gaut, and I enjoy playing together and we have a great bond.

I am very proud to be an Australian tennis player and to be part of such a successful and proud family.

We would like to thank our friends and family for their support.” 

Read more about Gautie, Australian tennis stars, and tennis at the ABC Sport website.

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