“The Real World” premieres on MTV News: Colette Singery and Synonyme on “The New Musical”

The Real World: Cohelle Singery’s upcoming musical, Synonymium, will be the first musical she will play on the network.

Colette will join fellow guests who include Sylvester Stallone, Toni Braxton, and more in the musical that’s set to debut on MTV on May 15.

Cohelle sang with her band, The Shins, and will also perform the musicals opening song, “I Got It” with The Shouts.

“The musical was created by co-creators David Simon and Matt Kudrow, who worked with me, Sylvesters co-founder/music producer Matt Shultz and I on a musical that was originally written for Broadway and later adapted for television,” Cohelle told MTV News.

“It’s a musical where you can dance, sing, and dance some more and that’s what I love about the show.

It’s got a really beautiful, organic feel and it’s a very modern, contemporary musical with lots of music.”

Synonyms performance, which is set to open on May 14 at the Copley Theatre in Hollywood, will also be available on VH1.

“I am so thrilled to finally announce that Synonymes performance will premiere on VHS, VH+ and digital platforms this summer,” said Colette.

“For the first time, I am able to tell the world about this amazing musical and the incredible support I have received from my amazing fans.”

SynONYMUSIC’s official website has more information.

SynONYME: Synonyma, written and performed by Colette and The Shout, will premiere May 15 on MTV.

It is directed by Matt Shutz.

The musical is a collaboration between Simon & Schuster, David Simon & Matt Shunz, and The Sound of Music.

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