The most iconic British songs of all time: What is a clock?

The most famous British songs have changed little over the centuries, but they are all rooted in time.

They’re timeless.

And while they’re all based on a single clock, they all take place in different times and places.

Which of them have made the most of their time?

And what do they tell us about the people who made them?

The BBC Sport Classic Time Series is here to answer all those questions and more.

The greatest hits of British music The best of British pop, country and rock The most enduring British songs The most popular British songs Of the 10 most popular songs from all time, here’s what we think they tell you about the artists. 

The Beatles – John Lennon & Paul McCartneyIn 1969, the Beatles released their third studio album and first to be released on vinyl.

It’s the greatest album of all times and one of the most important records ever made.

But, despite the success, it’s not the biggest hit of all-time.

John Lennon and Paul McCartney were at the height of their fame, but in this series of BBC Sport Time series, we’re taking a look at their biggest hits and defining moments.

John Lennon & The Rolling Stones – Rock and Roll and CountryThis record was released just after Lennon was killed by a bomb on November 1, 1970.

It was a landmark moment in British rock and roll, as the group made its debut in Britain.

Their first single, ‘Rock and Roll’, became a worldwide hit and was the biggest-selling single of alltime, peaking at No 1 in the UK. 

They also hit number one in the US, and their biggest hit, ‘My Sweet Lord’, became their biggest-charting single ever, reaching number one worldwide. 

After that, they went on to tour around the world, charting in Europe and North America and winning the hearts of millions. 

Their most famous song was ‘Yesterday’, a song that is still a classic for most people to sing to their mates today.

They also released their second album, Live and Let Die, which featured new songs by the Rolling Stones and Elvis Presley, but it was the song ‘I Will Always Love You’ that made a huge impact on fans and critics. 

Paul McCartney – Rockin’ at the TopIn 1964, the man behind the iconic Beatles and the Rolling Stone, Paul McCartney, was born in Leeds, England.

He would go on to become a superstar, winning the Grammy Award for best guitar player for the song We Can’t Stop, which he sang at the 1964 Olympic Games in London. 

In 1966, the group recorded the album Let It Be, and in 1970, McCartney’s solo album ‘Abbey Road’ was released.

It included the first Beatles hit, ‘I Will Never Let You Down’, which was later covered by a number of other artists.

The album was also McCartney’s first major commercial hit and became one of his biggest sellers. 

McCartney’s second solo album, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, was released in 1971.

The record became the biggest seller of all years, reaching the top 10 of the UK album charts, and was a huge hit, with sales reaching a peak of more than a million. 

‘Paul McCartney’ and ‘Let It Be’ are among the most successful and popular albums of all – and they both had a huge influence on many of the musicians who have been part of British rock history. 

Ringo Starr – The Rolling StoneThis album was released on November 21, 1970, at the start of a tumultuous year for the Beatles.

The group had been on the verge of breaking up and were under the influence of LSD, and Starr was also at the centre of a feud with John Lennon.

It wasn’t until February 1971, that the group finally announced that they would reunite in 1971, when they were still called The Beatles.

It would be the first time the group had all four members live together in the same room together. 

Lennon & McCartney were both the stars of the show that year, and the record became one the biggest records of all.

It also became a huge commercial success and was nominated for five Grammys. 

Starr’s third album, Abbey Road, was a major commercial success, charted in the top ten of the US and UK albums charts and sold more than 20 million copies.

It peaked at No. 1 in Europe, and it became the Beatles’ best-selling album in history.’

I Want to Hold Your Hand’ became their most popular song and became their signature hit, and McCartney wrote and sang the title song.

It became one to which fans of the band have always tied. 

Mick Jagger – Rolling StonesWhen Mick Jagger was just a kid, he used to play guitar and sing on a Saturday night in his hometown, Liverpool.

He became a legendary

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